Resources for Observers and Identifiers

The iNaturalist community provides a wealth of resources for its members! Here are a few to get you started.

Resources for Observers

Getting Started on iNaturalist

1-1/2 Minute Video iNaturalist Tutorial

How to Take Good Photos for iNaturalist–Pocket-sized guide

Join the 2019 Project

See all iNaturalist Training Events here or see map below for an iNaturalist training event near you!

Resources for Identifiers

3-Minute Video on Identifying Observations

Identify CNC-DC 2018 Observations  (Log in to iNaturalist first) For practice! To quickly scroll through observations, click on one and then use the right arrow key to reach the next.  See keyboard icon in lower left corner for other keyboard shortcuts.

Identify CNC-DC 2019 Observations  (Log in to iNaturalist first) This page will populate with observations that need ID as soon as the 2019 event starts at 00:01 on Friday, April 26, 2019!

Identification parties–fun events where iNaturalist users get together to identify their own and others’ observations–will take place throughout the area. See All ID Parties here or see map at bottom of page for an identification party near you!